State of the Arts in an Urban Autumn #blkSOTA #WorthAClick

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By Jerele Lindsey and Kendrea Mekkah



Urban Autumn Productions founder, Dawn Nicole, with an amazing cast, will be presenting their latest play production, “Thank You for Calling Customer Service,” at C.A.S.T. theatre in the NODA Arts District of Charlotte, NC from April 11-13. This is Urban Autumn’s premiere productio. It will be a mix of comedy and drama catered to anyone who has ever worked in a customer service atmosphere.

We had the privilege of meeting the cast of this awesome play at a recent mix and mingle. This dynamic array of cast members mesh so well to personify the different aspects of everyday customer service work. Urban Autumn co-founder, Jimmy Thompson says “This play is for everyone. Students, call center employees, doctors and lawyers, old and young, everyone! There’s something for everyone with this production.”

Dawn Nicole told In These Streets “Customer Service is a billion dollar industry acting as the back bone operation and sustainability factor for any successful corporation. Regardless of our race, creed, class, color, religious and political preference, the “Customer Service, Call Center experience” is the one thing that unites us all, no matter how awesome or horrible that experience; it is the one dynamic we can’t escape. With its many touch tone key pad automated prompts, broken accents, cold transfers and absurd requests, we have some pretty amusing and interesting stories to share; of which we’ve taken great pleasure in capturing with this play.”



Dawn Nicole also shared some drinks and conversation with us as we taped a special episode of State of the Arts, during the CIAA festivities here is Charlotte. Each year the tornament brings us traffic, day parties and an opportunity to build community around issues that matter.

Jerele Lindsey


After wading through a sea of over priced parking spots and under dressed women we found some culture #InTheseStreets, and felt compelled to profile painter Gerald Ivey. Mr. Ivey is auctioning his art to benefit Payton’s Place Child Abuse Prevention Center  when we taped Episode 5 of State of the Arts.

To learn more about Urban Autumn Productions and to purchase play tickets visit their website at

To learn more about Payton’s Promise and to register for their Child Abuse Walk April 20 at Freedom Park visit their website at and as always, stay in these streets!

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