#SOTA Survey Results: You heart streets art!

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Last week ITS did a survey to get your thoughts on outsider, fine and street art in general and the market for African-American art.

Of the 13 participants 10 were of African-American decent; 7 go to a museum or gallery once per month 5 go once per year. Most respondents (69%) defined outsider art as “art not accepted by the mainstream art world; and 46% defined it as “art by people not classically trained in the fine arts.” Two participants or 15% said they had never heard these terms. 

When asked if there is a difference between fine art and outsider art 7 said yes and 6 said no. When asked to rate the work of African- American artists 53% said the art was of equal quality to artists of other races, 46% said it was more impressive than other races. 

Most participants (93%) would like to see more African-American art represented in the American visual art market; 8 said it was not represented well in the American visual art market, 4 said it was represented well. 

Everyone surveyed said they would purchase a piece they loved, if the price is right. Street art was an overwhelming favorite in this survey; 77% preferred to purchase or see street art displayed. Outsider art came in second place with 46%; and 23% who would prefer fine art.

The ITS! Facebook poll will be open until Sept 30, 2012. We want to know the visual artists you would like to have in your art collection. Here art the results so far.

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