Photos from the last #ArtistPlayground at 3 Black Cats Cafe #Brooklyn #Brownsville

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Twenty and I were nervous about moving to a new location on a new night with a new DJ and in Brownsville of all places. Haters be dammed, tMarch 12, 2017 was amazing!

Everyone in the house was inspired by our multi-talented feature Johnathan Brown. He brought hip hop, poetry a ton of merch, and inspiring messages about following your dreams and making a career of doing what you love. The open mic was on fire all night with no shortage of talent. Shawn, Lucy and Luis were on point as always with the grooves and 3 Black Cats has great acoustics so the sound was even fuller. I dare anyone to bring a groove my Playmates can’t catch (try me). They led us the way as we closed the night with the best cypher we’ve ever had at Artist Playground.

On a more personal note, I grew up a few blocks from 3 Black Cats, back when there were NO cafes and a handful of places to celebrate art, or hear live music. 3 Black Cats not only fills a void, in the few months since it’s been open it has affected the culture of the area. It’s amazing how having someplace to share ideas and have a conversation with like-minded folks can change your perception of your neighborhood.

Although so many people advised us against moving AP to Brownsville, it gives me great pride to contribute to the “rejuvenation” of Brownville by bring arts and cultural events to this area. We welcome everyone to our mic, but it’s particularly important to us that local Brooklyn residents know that they don’t have go all the way to Manhattan for quality entertainment.

If you missed it, you really did miss a great time. I am still editing the video, but the clips will be up soon. Also in a few days we’ll be announcing the next Artist Playground. It will not be the second Sunday of April but it will be at 3 Black Cats, but until then enjoy these photos.


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