Guardians of the Galaxy should have been an animation.

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My husband and I wore glasses over your glasses and expected awesomeness at the Guardians of the Galexy Screening last night. He thought it was a funny and enjoyed unique story line, “it was a space quest instead of a superhero movie.” Blah Blah Blah I disagree.This movie gets 3 of 5 stars from me.

When you put on 3D glasses you see everything, we all know this. The special effects were awesome from start to finish, and my 3D glasses made put it all in my lap, so we started off great. However once in space, the plot and the makeup was seriously sub par. The “aliens” seemed more like they were sunburned, than from another planet. This made things a bit unbelievable. Clearly the budget went to rotoscoping and special effects, so maybe if had been an animation, (with a stronger plot line).

On the positive side, the characters were true to thier comic book personalities, and Rocket stole the show. I enjoyed the quick witted raccoon, and he may be the reason I stayed in my seat instead of getting my free popcorn refill. Just when I thought the spaced quest was taking way too long to humor brought me back. The jokes were made for adults but kid freindly so this is a decent movie for the family. Although the kids would enjoy this one I would tell comic geeks and Marvel film fans to go see X-Men instead or I’d just say I AM GROOT!

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