Apps, Apps for everyone/thing but beware of FB Messenger @MEKtext #TechFix #TechTues

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The Insidiousness of Facebook Messenger’s Mobile App Terms of Service – HuffPost @HuffPostTech

How much access to your (and your friends’) personal data are you prepared to share for access to free mobile apps? I suspect the amount is significantly less than that which you actually agreed to …

1Password debuts extension for third party apps on iOS 8– 9to5Mac

The popular password and security management app 1Password has already previewed its iOS 8 extension and Touch ID support for unlocking and…

7 Must-Have Networking Apps to Boost Your Social Media Marketing –Social Media Examiner

Do you want to build strong relationships around your brand? This article shows how seven networking apps help you build relationships.

There Are Officially Too Many Apps, And Nobody Is Making Mone. –Gawker 

The new American Dream was going so well: drop out, make an app for sending emojis that disappear after 5 seconds, and collect your check.

App Finder: Best vacation apps –Leavenworth Times

App Finder: Best movie apps –Leavenworth Times

App Finder: Best apps for kids –The Rolla Daily News

Apps for apartment searches add new feature –San Jose Mercury News

Disrupting elections with Kickstarter-like campaigning apps –Boing Boing


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